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just an ordinary people and make an interesting essay

Assalamualaikum and Hai :D

ape hal dengan post kali nih , just nak share essay kawan kita yang interesting sangat tuh , perkembangan idea and klimaks yang cukup BOMBASTIK . hahah caya ka hampaa bila PAKNAN classmate aku dapat buat essay dia macam nih ? haha pasti kan anda semua baca sampai ending okay , baru tahu jalan cerita nya , tambah tambah bila korang tahu watak perwatakan yang dibawa dalam story nih , pecah perot boleh gelak .  just nak kongsi and tiada kaitan dengan hidup ataupun mati , okay , baca , paksaan ini !

The principal walked into the classroom , It was the third period of the class . Everyone in the class 5 Cempaka afraided of the principal . " Good morning sir " . " good morning everyone " . The class silent because the principal looked very angry . Meanwhile Aidil and Aiman were did not entered the class . " where Aidil ? " The principal asked the class monitor , Zabidi . He replied " Aidil did not entered the class since this morning " The principal look very angry and his mood turn bad !

At the toilet , Aidil looked happily because he taughed that principal did not comes to his class . About a few moment , he felt bored . He took out his new BlackBerry Zen-10 and started to type a message . " Aiman where have you been ? Join me at the toilet now and we will make the toilet become a smoke place . " As fast as lighting . Aidil took his beg and a match and started to smoke . " i felt better right now " Aidil was happily since no one knows that he was in the toilet . Back at the class , the principal wanted all of the people in the classto follow him and search for Aidil every place at the school . Aidil girlfriend , Nurul Fakhrulrazzi seem not to happy , " t thought that he can changed but everything was dissappointed , said Nurul Fakhrulrazzi to Zabidi . Without wasting time , the students of 5 Cempaka started to find Aidil . Aidil was a lazy student in the class and he did not like to do nothing excepting gossip with his girlfriend , Nurul Fakhrulrazzi. Besides , Aidil also was confusing in his study and learn nothing about it . 

After and hour searching for Aidil everywhere , the principal got his new problem . He got teribble in food . The principal cannot eat anything except " Buah Amra " and a bottle mineral water but that morning he go to " Warung Kak Piah and eat 2 packs of Nasi Dagang .Now he got his effect . Zabidi asked the principal " sir , why you looked teribble ? the principal replied " it is nothing , i am ok ! Besides , Aidil girlfriend Nurul Fakhrulrazzi tried to search him at the men's toilet near the store .

Back to the toilet , Aidil continued smoking . He did not fell anything because no one at the toilet . But suddenly the toilet door was been open . " whos that ? " Aidil felt scary because no one replied . Afew minutes , Aidil heared a women screaming ang laughed . Aidil felt nothing because he did not believe in ghoust . He continued his smoking , but this time he felt someone has touched his shoulder . Aidil started to panic , he heard someone talk from behind . At the moment , when Aidil turned to back , he was shocked because he saw " HANTU KAK LIMAH " which was the legendary ghost at the school beside him . He screamed . Arhhhhhhhh ' but Hantu Kak Limah laughed happily . This situation make scared . Without wasting time , Aidil ran towards the door and started to cried , ' huhu Father ! father ! . he left his new blackberry Zen-10 but his finger was carrying the ciggarates that he justed took it .

At that time , the principal wanted to go the toilet because his stomach felt in an unsuitable condition . The principal rushed toward the toilet . Suddenly , Aidil who just panic and scared without looking what have in front of him passed by the principal . The principal felt weired at the moment . Suddenly , Aidil felt down on the ground . As fast as lighting , the principal took Aidil to the treatment room .

After an hour , Aidil wake up from his bed . he started to cry again . Aidil admire that he was maek a big mistake .Aidil asked the principal for his forgivness . Aidil's girlfriend Nurul Fakhrulrazzi seems happily and aidil's class monitor , Zabidi also felt happy because of Aidil attitude was changed . After the inciddent , Aidil was be a good boy .

*end of the story*

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